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What is worker’s compensation?

Worker’s compensation is a financial settlement that is awarded to those workers who have sustained an injury during the course of their employment. It is designed to cover medical expenses and other damages that you have incurred as a result of your incident at work and most employers have insurance in place to cover this. However, as long as your injury is related to your job, you may still be entitled to worker’s compensation irrespective of whether your employer is insured.

At Juan Lucas Alvarez, P.A., our experienced worker’s compensation attorney will be able to advise you exactly what damages you may be entitled to, based on the severity of your injury.

Common hip injuries

Some types of hip injury are more common than others. Some of the hip injuries that are most likely to be sustained in the workplace include the following.

Broken Hip

By far the most serious, a fractured pelvis/broken hip can have long-term consequences for the sufferer. A long period in a cast, surgery and long-term rehabilitation are commonplace. In some instances, a patient may require a leg amputation from the hip.

Dislocated Hip

All of our joints have the ability to dislocate and your hip is no exception. This occurs when the ball-shaped joint comes out of its socket and is extremely painful as well as making it impossible to move. Once the hip is placed back into the socket, the pain and ongoing rehabilitation can be ongoing.

Muscle/Ligament Damage

There are lots of muscles and ligaments around the hip that give it full range of motion. However, sudden impacts or over-stretching can cause them to tear. The most common types of muscle/ligament damage are groin pulls and hamstring strains. These can take weeks or months for the damage to be repaired and during this time, you may experience problems with pain and mobility.

Hip Bursitis

There is a sack of fluid that is located between the pelvis and leg, and its purpose is to reduce friction and allow full range of motion in the leg. This is called a bursa. If it becomes swollen and inflamed, it can be difficult or impossible to move the leg properly. It is also extremely painful. Although hip bursitis can resolve itself, sometimes medical intervention is necessary.

Am I entitled to worker’s compensation for my hip injury?

If you have sustained a hip injury during the course of your usual work activities, you could be entitled to worker’s compensation for the physical, financial, and emotional damages that you have experienced. This settlement could reduce a great deal of the stress and strain on you and your family while you heal and recover and help with any future expenses related to your injury.

Our experienced and dedicated worker’s compensation attorney can assess your claim on a confidential, no-obligation basis ensuring that you don’t waste time and expense unnecessarily. Call our offices today to schedule your appointment at 305-442-7375.

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