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How to file for personal injury

Author:Juan Lucas Alvarez, P.A. Date:2017-12-08
Learn the necessary steps on how to file for personal injury in Miami, FL with experienced personal injury attorny, Juan Lucas Alvaraz.

How to file for workers’ compensation benefits

Author:Juan Lucas Alvarez, P.A. Date:2017-11-08
Are you dealing with a work injury or work in a high-risk occupation? Learn how to file for workers' compensation benefits in Miami.

Why hire a personal injury attorney?

Thinking about hiring a personal injury lawyer? Learn why you should hire a personal injury lawyer for more positive outcomes in your personal injury case.

Reemployment after a work injury

Author:Juan Lucas Alvarez, P.A. Date:2017-09-07
Getting back into the work force after a work injury? Coral Gables personal injury attorney, Juan Alvarez answers questions on reemployment.
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